Quality Made - Quick Meals


Eating is not only to fill the stomach, but also to enjoy the process.

QM-BOX is dedicated to creating a quick boxed lunch, so that everyone can enjoy a delicious and nutritious lunch anytime and anywhere.

In just one minute, you can enjoy varieties of boxed meals carefully prepared by our international chefs.


International, chef-created meals prepared locally from the freshest ingredients.

All QMBox meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients, and produced by advanced equipment in a unified process. While ensuring the freshness and nutritional value of the food, the original flavor of the food is also preserved.

Our weekly rotating menus follow the concept of “nutrition collocation and scientific diet” to allow customers to enjoy authentic food from all over the world.

We cooperate with many chefs who come from different fields and have rich experience, and strive to offer our customers the most wonderful taste experience.


Hot meals that make you happy at work and play!

Our hi-tech vending machines can be found in public places such as hospitals, schools and factories. 

No preservatives, pigments or artificial spices are added to our lunches during the preparation and our products are certified by the UDSA and FDA.

Our top of the line vending machines feature fluorine-free environment-friendly refrigeration systems with ozone sterilization, rapid heating and other functions. Our machines are also equipped with oversized touch screens. We assure that each boxed lunch is safe, hygienic, and delicious!